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welcome to incline wealth advisors
Financial Planning for business owners

Welcome to Incline Wealth Advisors

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Who We Serve

We serve business owners, pre-retirees, young professionals, and corporate retirement plans by adding clarity and simplicity to complex financial lives. We are your ongoing partner for advice, implementation, and monitoring of your business and financial goals.

We provide objective unbiased advice on your wealth as we are privately held, independent, and fee only. We make working with us easy by offering several different solutions to meet you wherever you are in your financial journey


Building and running a successful business takes hard work and discipline. We provide advice to preserve and continue to grow your assets. With multiple options for fee arrangements we have full open architecture to utilize the best available processes and investments for you and your business.

• Tailored investment portfolios to meet your goals
• Corporate retirement plan consulting
• Estate & Tax Planning Strategies
• Income & Cash Flow Planning
• Personal Retirement Planning
• Insurance & Risk Management
• Direct investing in private companies
• Access to alternative investments including private equity, and hedge funds
• Legacy Planning

Current & Former ATHLETES

Helping current and former collegiate and professional athletes so they can focus time on mastering their craft, starting and raising a family, taking over or starting a business, and progressing through their career. I share a connection to sports with this group of clients and have a shared passion and goal orientation for continuous improvement in providing the best life possible for our families and pursuing current and future goals. Incline Wealth Advisors is an incubator for these talented leaders and decision makers. This demographic is served by offering a variety of ways to engage with us including: one time planning, fixed flat dollar payments, and fee based asset management. The services offered are:

• Comprehensive net worth reporting
• Monthly income and expense tracking
• Goal planning and progression
• Budget and cash flow planning
• Bill pay and cashiering
• Debt repayment strategies
• Investment Management and asset allocation
• Tax preparation and planning strategies


Backed with the experience of working at the country’s largest 401(k) provider and a group that specialized in retirement plans I have seen what works and what doesn’t work for retirement plans of all sizes.  I noticed a gap in the level of service that was offered to small businesses and I wanted to do something about it.  Through this experience and the use of technology Incline Wealth Advisors delivers value to all members of your company on a consistent ongoing basis.  As a plan sponsor or trustee of your company retirement plan this comes with a variety of responsibilities that you may not be prepare for. We come along side of the plan sponsor to provide fiduciary support and ensure you are fulfilling your requirements.  Employees want to know that their employer is taking care of them and through financial workshops and one on ones we can help to relieve the stress that personal finances has on employees.

  • Help mitigate risk by assisting in understanding and meeting fiduciary obligations
  • Proactively provide solutions and up to date insight on industry trends
  • Provide plan design insight to help maximize deferrals for highly compensated employees
  • One on One financial coaching with employees to ensure they are retirement ready and financially secure
  • Implement and establish the appropriate retirement plan for your company needs

We help to convert high income into lasting wealth

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fee only
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Markets are efficient and “beating” the market is highly unlikely and costly to attempt. The only acceptable risk is that which is adequately compensated by an expected return.

Allocate to equities for growth and fixed income to reduce volatility and conserve assets.


Allocation is based on a “bucket” approach to account for individual’s goals, time horizon and risk tolerance for each account.


Diversify broadly across asset classes. Rebalance systematically and avoid market timing.


Use passive/index funds to reduce costs, diversify and capture the full market returns.


Use tax-advantaged accounts, and harvest losses to avoid unfavorable tax consequences.


Ignore the noise.

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