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Who We Serve

We serve business owners, pre-retirees, young professionals, and corporate retirement plans by adding clarity and simplicity to complex financial lives. We are your ongoing partner for advice, implementation, and monitoring of your business and financial goals.

We provide objective unbiased advice on your wealth as we are privately held, independent, and fee only. We make working with us easy by offering several different solutions to meet you wherever you are in your financial journey

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Incline Wealth Advisors was started so that I could work with business owners and entrepreneurs helping them to build lasting wealth. 

Growing up in Cincinnati I have seen many great family-owned businesses pass their companies, and wealth, on from one generation to the next. I want to work with those families, and I want to do the same for my family. 

In 2022 I sourced and ran point for a private business acquisition here in Cincinnati. I am on the Board of Directors for that company and remain involved in the decision making and vision for the company. 

Read the full article related to the acquisition here: NFL Star, two Elder classmates team up to buy sports business

Much of my practice is made up of business owner clients. I help to evaluate business acquisitions, provide fiduciary support for their company retirement plan, review income statements and balance sheets to determine ways to grow and expand, discuss exit planning, succession, and what life looks like post the sale of their business.

I also incorporate my client's personal financial plan with the plans for their business to help them reach their financial goals.

Company Retirement

Backed with the experience of working at the country’s largest 401(k) provider and a group that specialized in retirement plans I have seen what works and what doesn’t work for retirement plans of all sizes.  I noticed a gap in the level of service that was offered to small businesses and I wanted to do something about it. 

Through this experience and the use of technology Incline Wealth Advisors delivers value to all members of your company on a consistent ongoing basis.  
As a plan sponsor or trustee of your company retirement plan this comes with a variety of responsibilities that you may not be prepare for. We come along side of the plan sponsor to provide fiduciary support and ensure you are fulfilling your requirements.  
Employees want to know that their employer is taking care of them and through financial workshops and one on ones we can help to relieve the stress that personal finances has on employees.
Here is a great article from our blog that describes an advisors role in more detail: https://incline-wealth.com/2023/07/401k-plan-advisor
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