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Educational Videos

14 Mar: Owning and Operating Penn Station Franchises

Check out this episode of The Financial Incline where I am thrilled to be joined by Greg Goddard as we…

08 Mar: The Hardest Year Ever for Investing

What happened to the stock market last year and how is that having an effect this year on returns? The…

02 Mar: Wealth Allocation Framework

If you receive a financial windfall, it may be hard, deciding where to put that money. Whether you sell your…

14 Feb: Owning and Operating an Executive Search Firm

Check out this episode of the financial incline where I am thrilled to be joined by Yvan Demosthenes. Yvan is…

31 Jan: Purchasing and Operating a Dental Practice

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Lindsey Willoughby. Lindsey is the owner of East Orchard Dentistry, a Dental Practice…

24 Jan: $10 Trillion Opportunity

Check out this clip from Phil Eleson as he describes the $10 trillion opportunity that we are in and will see…

20 Jan: Sequence of Return Risk

Sequence of return risk equals one of the greatest risks for those retiring in a down market. This stresses the…

19 Jan: Key Focus Areas – Financial Due Diligence

What are some of the key focus areas that are looked at during the financial due diligence process? The 2…