Investing During Uncertain Times

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Investing during the uncertain times we have seen can be hard to remain level headed. Many experts are now predicting a strong likelihood that we will see a recession in our near future. A recession can occur to cool off the record high inflation we have been experiencing.

What are some things you can do now to potentially protect your investments during a recession?


Remaining calm during a recession is crucial to long term success. However, even before a recession the same financial steps you should be taking are important. Steps such as having an emergency fund and a diversified portfolio. For my clients I always to try reinforce their investment time horizon. Any money that may be spent in the near future should be kept in secure investments. Let your long term money work for you by taking on more investment risk for the potential gain.

The recent moves by the Federal Reserve helped to provide clarity to the stock market and many investors. These actions could have priced in a bottom for the stock market going forward. Also, it is important to keep in mind that even though bond prices have dropped, during periods of sustained negative stock prices bonds have outperformed.


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