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Read along as we share ways you can convert high income into last wealth. The Financial Incline will share our guidance through articles, blog posts, videos and interviews. I work closely with business owners and high earning young professionals to provide advice on retirement planning, investment and risk management, cash flow and debt management, estate planning and tax strategies. 

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Long term
06 Dec: Benefits of Long Term Investing

Investing in stocks has long been recognized as a rewarding financial strategy, but does it pay off in the long…

Image 11-20-23 at 12.15 PM
22 Nov: Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Non-qualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans are an increasingly popular tool used by employers to attract and retain top talent. These…

For Sale
15 Nov: How to Find Businesses for Sale

Finding a suitable business for sale is a crucial step for entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter the market or…

Image 11-8-23 at 9.18 AM
08 Nov: What are some ways Small Businesses can Innovate?

Innovation is not exclusive to large corporations; small businesses also have the potential to drive innovation and gain a competitive…

Image 10-31-23 at 10.36 AM
02 Nov: Qualified Business Income (QBI)

Qualified Business Income (QBI) is a significant component of the tax code introduced as part of the Tax Cuts and…

Image 10-24-23 at 8.09 AM
25 Oct: What is a Seller’s Note?

When acquiring a business, buyers often explore various financing options, one of which is a seller’s note. In this blog…

Image 10-18-23 at 8.32 AM
18 Oct: Unique Ways to Structure an Acquisition

Acquiring a business is an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion. However, structuring a business acquisition can be complex and…

Image 10-11-23 at 9.18 AM
11 Oct: Succession Planning for Business Owners

Succession planning is a vital process for business owners to ensure a smooth transition of leadership and ownership. By proactively…