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Read along as we share ways you can convert high income into last wealth. The Financial Incline will share our guidance through articles, blog posts, videos and interviews. I work closely with business owners and high earning young professionals to provide advice on retirement planning, investment and risk management, cash flow and debt management, estate planning and tax strategies. 

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March Mkt Commentary
15 Mar: March Market Commentary: Why Aren’t Rate Hikes Working

February Recap and March Outlook If there’s an aphorism for February that you could embroider on a pillow, it would…

14 Mar: Owning and Operating Penn Station Franchises

Check out this episode of The Financial Incline where I am thrilled to be joined by Greg Goddard as we…

08 Mar: Planning Your Finances for the Sandwich Generation

Everyone likes a good sammie  – they can be delicious and convenient. But when you’re the filling, it’s a different…

22 Feb: 8 Steps in Writing a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is an essential step when starting a new business or when seeking investment for an existing…

Business Strategy
15 Feb: Setting Your Business Strategy for 2023

With record-setting and inflation and a red-hot labor market that turned hiring to support your business into a competitive sport,…

14 Feb: Owning and Operating an Executive Search Firm

Check out this episode of the financial incline where I am thrilled to be joined by Yvan Demosthenes. Yvan is…

Feb 2023 Market commentary
08 Feb: February Market Commentary

January Recap and February Outlook The market adage is “as January goes, so goes the year.” Is it true? According…

31 Jan: Purchasing and Operating a Dental Practice

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Lindsey Willoughby. Lindsey is the owner of East Orchard Dentistry, a Dental Practice…