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Read along as we share ways you can convert high income into last wealth. The Financial Incline will share our guidance through articles, blog posts, videos and interviews. I work closely with business owners and high earning young professionals to provide advice on retirement planning, investment and risk management, cash flow and debt management, estate planning and tax strategies. 

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Laid off picture
29 Nov: Managing Through an Unexpected Job Transition

Getting laid off from a job upends almost every aspect of your world. Besides the financial impact, there may be…

Alex Burkhart Thumbnail
23 Nov: Innovating and Building Multiple Businesses

We talk with Alex Burkhart who is an entrepreneur, marketer and innovator. We discuss the businesses Alex has started and…

Social Security Thumbnail
21 Nov: Social Security Benefits are Increasing

How will it affect your taxes? Inflation has been hitting everyone’s wallets all year long. With the cost of everything…

Umbrella Policy
15 Nov: Is it time for an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Increasing the personal liability coverage limits on your auto and homeowners insurance as your income grows is a smart move….

01 Nov: Inflation Leading to Higher Tax Brackets

Inflation has been making every area of our lives more expensive as the costs of the goods and services we…

Blog Post FB Group
27 Oct: Attention Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! 

We would like to invite you to join our Group, Building Wealth for Business Owners. Are you a current business…

Trust Thumbnail
12 Oct: Do you need a Trust?

Trusts used to be seen as an estate planning tool for only the very wealthy, who have complicated family situations…

Buy Sell Photo
03 Oct: Buy Sell Agreements: Ensuring Smooth Business Transitions

Building a business is all about the day-to-day decisions. But what happens to the business if the primary decision-maker isn’t…