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Investment Management

  1. Individually tailored investment portfolios based on the needs of the client.
    1. Through meetings and ongoing discussions, we develop an investment plan to match the goals and objectives of each client. Portfolios contain stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and private alternative investments.
  2. Institutional Intelligent Portfolios composed of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. These portfolios are constructed based on the clients’ goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. Accounts are rebalanced on a quarterly basis based on market movement and changing client priorities. These accounts do not hold individual stocks. Households below $250,000 will utilize these portfolios.

Financial Planning

  1. Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning
    1. This service involves working one-on-one with a planner over an extended period. By paying a fixed monthly fee, Clients get to work with a planner who will work with them to develop and implement their plan. The planner will monitor the plan, recommend any changes, and ensure the plan is up to date.
  2. Project Based Financial Planning
    1. We provide project-based, one-time, financial planning services on topics such as retirement planning, risk management, college savings, cash flow, debt
      management, work benefits, and estate and incapacity planning.

Company Retirement Plan Management

  • Our firm provides employee benefit plan services to employer plan sponsors on an ongoing basis. Generally, such services consist of assisting employer plan sponsors in establishing, monitoring, and reviewing their company’s participant-directed retirement plan. As the needs of the plan sponsor dictate, areas of advising could include investment options, plan structure, and participant education.
  • Typical Plans Include: 401k, 403b, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plans

Tax Preparation

  • IWA offers individual tax preparation services in addition to financial planning and investment management services offered. Clients seeking tax preparation services will be asked to provide all information necessary for the timely completion of a return, including prior year tax return information. If a client’s tax situation falls outside of the scope of service offered, IWA may provide contact information for accountants or attorneys who specialize in this area if requested. We will participate in meetings or phone calls between you and your tax professional with your approval.

Educational Seminars and Speaking Engagements

  • We may provide seminars on an “as announced” basis for groups seeking general advice on investments and other areas of personal finance. The content of these seminars will vary depending upon the needs of the attendees. These seminars are purely educational in nature and do not involve the sale of any investment products. Information presented will not be based on any individual’s person’s need, nor does IWA provide individualized investment advice to attendees during these seminars.