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Read along as we share ways you can convert high income into last wealth. The Financial Incline will share our guidance through articles, blog posts, videos and interviews. I work closely with business owners and high earning young professionals to provide advice on retirement planning, investment and risk management, cash flow and debt management, estate planning and tax strategies. 

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10 Jan: January Market Commentary

December Recap and January Outlook While the equity markets, as measured by the S&P 500 index, was up in the…

05 Jan: 529 Plan Rollover to a Roth IRA

Starting in 2024 you will have the ability to rollover any unused funds in a 529 plan to a Roth…

03 Jan: Tuning Up Your Portfolio for 2023

The combination of high inflation, the Federal Reserve’s aggressive program of rate increases, and economic and geopolitical uncertainty has meant…

Retirement Thumbnail
28 Dec: 3 Keys to Retiring in 2023

Planning for retirement is something you’ve probably been doing for a good part of your working life. You’ve saved, invested,…

22 Dec: Year-End Checklist

Looking for ways to reduce your taxes and save more money towards your goals? View the Year End checklist to…

Declining Interest Rates Image
20 Dec: What are the effects of Declining Interest Rates?

This information was gathered from a recent memo written by Howard Marks as he is describing a changing environment from…

Aaron Monk Thumbnail
14 Dec: M&A Attorney on Selling Your Business

Check out the new episode of ‘The Financial Incline’ to hear my conversation with Aaron Monk. Aaron is a partner…

401k - Starting Early
07 Dec: 401k Plans aren’t just for Retirement, but Starting Early Matters

Millennial and Gen Z employees know the value of an employer-sponsored retirement plan. A recent survey by Betterment found that…