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Read along as we share ways you can convert high income into last wealth. The Financial Incline will share our guidance through articles, blog posts, videos and interviews. I work closely with business owners and high earning young professionals to provide advice on retirement planning, investment and risk management, cash flow and debt management, estate planning and tax strategies. 

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17 Mar: Taxation of Social Security Benefits

Keep an eye on your income amounts when claiming Social Security Many people are often surprised to learn that once…

10 Mar: Studying Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Letter

“Never Bet Against America” – Warren Buffett Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha is one of the best investors the…

24 Feb: Would a $15 Minimum Wage Work?

By 2025 it is estimated that a $15 minimum wage would reduce employment by 1.4 million workers The debate of…

17 Feb: Investing in Disruptive Innovation Part 1

Over the course of two blog posts I will be cover the topic of investing in innovative disruption.  It has…

04 Feb: Instead Of Picking Stocks – Do These 3 Things First

Review your investment strategies I recently read the book “Everything you need to know about saving for retirement” by Ben…

22 Jan: What To Do With Extra Savings

My Featured article with Business Insider Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Business Insider reporter Liz Knueven…

20 Jan: Exclusions & Deductions from Gross Income

Exclusions & Deductions from Gross Income It is important to note what items can be excluded from your gross income…