Shareholders Letter

shareholders letter

Dear Investors,

2023 was a remarkable year for Incline Wealth Advisors. This January is our 4th year in business since launching in 2020, and 2023 capped off our best year yet. Our robust base of new and existing client relationships at the firm makes servicing our clients a fun, educational, and an ever-evolving experience. We do not work with clients to make sure that their needs are met, instead we find out what they want and then we map out a plan of attack to help them get there.

Incline Wealth Advisors has a client base of owners, high earners, wealth accumulators and knowledgeable investors. As a firm we are growing with our clients. The numbers have been backing that up, we have experienced over 25% growth in assets under management. We added 16 new business owner relationships to the firm in 2023 and those relationships have been formed with a variety of service offerings. We help to manage the business owner’s personal investments, act as a plan fiduciary for their 401(k) or Simple IRA, and also act in a consulting capacity charging our fee as a flat rate to the company.

Our Services

Every client has their own needs, goals and wants, and when we work with a client, we find a way to come up with solutions to help them achieve what they are looking for.

Throughout 2023 we have helped our clients in many unique ways to build generational wealth. Here are a few examples of the services we provide:

  1. Helped clients exit their business
  2. Buy Side – performed due diligence on a potential business acquisition
  3. Determined how a client should invest their assets post acquisition
  4. Invested and grew their personal investing accounts
  5. Provided our clients with referrals to accountants, attorneys and bankers
  6. Built income strategies to help our clients transition to retirement
  7. Found unique ways for our clients to deploy capital


2023 has been a great year for investors, whether we built out Treasury Bill ladders or invested in our equity income and growth portfolio we have seen our investors capital grow.  Through our connections and resources, we have also been able to provide unique investment opportunities for our clients that they typically cannot find elsewhere. For example: we helped clients to invest in a new indoor/outdoor development that will be one of a kind here in Cincinnati. We have presented private investment ideas in credit, private real estate, 1031 exchanges and fund of funds with the biggest firms on Wall Street all the way down to local private equity groups. By being an independent firm and having an open architecture there is no investment opportunity that we cannot help our clients explore.

Firm Expansion

With the scale of clients that Incline Wealth Advisors has grown too, and a platform of unique services that we offer each of our clients, we have been able to attract a new Wealth Advisor that joined the team. Effective January 2nd, Eric Toepfer, CFP has joined Incline Wealth Advisors as a Wealth Management Advisor. Eric brings a vast amount of industry knowledge and will be helping to add high level financial planning and investment management to existing and future clients.

Incline Wealth is a firm for the builders, those that are playing the infinite game and looking to create generational wealth. We will continue to build out our service offerings, expand our resources and come up with the solutions for our ever-growing client base.



John Bovard, CFP
Owner, Wealth Advisor
Incline Wealth Advisors, LLC


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