January Newsletter

January Newsletter

January Newsletter

This month we shared a number of articles, videos and presentations related to retirement planning and things to consider as a business owner.

We have summarized the major topics in case you missed anything and provided links to the full content pages.

Plan Opportunities, Challenges & Risk

SECURE Act 2.0 passed by Congress

November 1, 2022

Congress has passed the second version of the SECURE Act which stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement.

This second version has made changes in many different areas when it comes to retirement plans and your options. A few key areas that now have changes are the following:

  • Required Minimum Distribution Ages
  • Roth contributions
  • SIMPLE & SEP IRA plans and contribution options
  • Adjustments to 529 plans
  • Enhanced access to retirement plans for those in need

and several more changes…click the image below to read how you may be affected.

Avoiding the Big Retirement Risks

January 25, 2023

We have not seen a consistent period of rising interest rates since 1980 when Fed chairman Paul Volcker was determined to extinguish inflation that was around 13%. Fed chairman Volcker rose the Federal funds rate to 20% in 1980 to take drastic measure and get inflation under control.

As a result of these measures inflation was back down to 3.2% by the end of 1983, 3 years after these steps were taken. Fast forward to what we saw for the next 40 years – a period of steady and consistent declining interest rates. What does a prolong period of declining interest rates have on the economy?

To read the full article, click this link: https://incline-wealth.com/2022/12/interest-rates

Sequence of Return Risk Video

January 20, 2023

Sequence of return risk equals one of the greatest risks for those retiring in a down market. This stresses the importance of asset allocation and having short term money available for withdrawals.

Business Owners:
Financial Due Diligence & The $10 Trillion Opportunity

Financial Due Diligence Podcast with Griffin Hurd

January 18, 2022

Check out this episode of The Financial Incline where I talk with Griffin Hurd. Griffin is a CPA and partner at Brixey & Meyer who works within their transacation advisory group.

Griffin helps buyers and sellers that are contemplating a transaction with the financial due diligence process. Financial Due Diligence is much more extensive than simply evaluating a balance sheet and income statement.

This process is intended to tell the story of the business to determine what that company is truly worth. Griffin dives into their process and walks through what do look for regarding a company’s financials.

Financial Due Diligence: Main Focus Areas

January 19, 2022

What are some of the key factors that are looked at during the financial due diligence process?

The 2 biggest are Revenue and Expenses.

In this clip Griffin Hurd breaks down exactly what they are looking at when evaluating revenue and what makes up a companies revenue. Griffin then discusses what specifically they are looking for with company expenses when evaluating the profitability of a company.

$10 Trillion Opportunity

January 24, 2023

This is the amount of businesses that are owned by baby boomers which could potentially be hitting the market for sale. As this begins to occur the market for businesses will definitely be a buyers market.

Upcoming WebinaR

The Business Owner’s Guide to Wealth

Join us Thursday February 9th at Noon as we discuss the Business Owner’s Guide to Wealth.

This webinar will cover topics related to the following:
– Setting goals for your business
– How to determine the correct structure for your business
– Business Retirement Plans
– Steps to increase the value of your business
– Who should you have on your team

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