December Newsletter


Federal Reserve Planning on 3 Interest Rate Hikes Next Year

The Federal Reserve met on Wednesday, December 15th, and discussed the state of the economy and their plans for 2022. The Federal Reserve has finally recognized that they needed to do something to slow down the rising inflation rate. The Fed plans to issue 3 interest rate increases in 2022 and plans to taper their asset purchase. The first of their rate hikes could be as early as March. 

Following the news stocks rallied to close out trading on Wednesday afternoon. 

Should You Buy Your Home or Just Rent It?

It’s an age-old question: Should I buy or rent? Your situation will vary but buying can offer tax advantages and capital appreciation. However, renting can be cheaper which allows you to invest more money into the market. Many other scenarios should be considered so give me a call if you have questions.


November Market Commentary

The jobs report was encouraging as are the reports that supply chain back-ups are beginning to ease. The Federal Reserve will be making announcements about interest rates which will affect inflation.

Managing Investments Means Managing Your Emotions

One of the hardest parts of investing is controlling our emotions. If you can learn to control your emotions then you can take better control of your investments.

Your Free Year-End Checklist

Year-End Checklist

I’ve created a free Year-End Checklist for those looking to take steps to become financially unbreakable for themselves, their business, and their families.  

On this checklist you’ll find many different areas of your life that you might want to consider focusing on before the end of the year. I’ve designed tips and strategies on topics such as tax reduction, retirement accounts, education planning, charitable gifts, and much more. CLICK HERE to receive your free checklist.

Cincinnati News

The new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was signed into law last month will bring nearly $28 billion to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. 

The tornadoes that devastated parts of Kentucky and surrounding states have also shown the kindness of our community. If you’d like to donate to a charity, and check their legitimacy, you can visit or Charity  

Personal Note

Back on September 13th Laura and I welcomed our 5th child to our family. Cobe Robert Bovard was born. He and mom are doing great and Laura is returning to work this week.   

Christmas break and basketball games are loading up our weekend calendars at the moment between Camden and Cohens teams. 


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