The Financial Incline: Jason Hauer – Growing, Scaling & Exiting a Business

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Check out the 8th episode of The Financial Incline where I sat down with Jason Hauer to discuss growing, scaling and exiting a business.

Jason is a serial entrepreneur Inc. 500 list maker, venture and real estate investor and co-founder of The Garage Group. Jason’s background was in the non profit space and he received a masters degree from Xavier University. Jason co-founded the garage group around 10 years ago and he has recently exited the company but continues to stay on to transition the business. Jason built TGG into a very successful company that helps large Fortune 500 companies innovate and grow like a startup. In our conversation today we discuss the entrepreneurial spirit and attributes that led to his success today. We discuss how he was able to grow and scale The Garage Group. The strategies he presents to Fortune 500 companies to create ideas. Lastly, we discuss his next chapter and how Jason approaches managing his wealth and different investments, what he looks for in a business he would buy and how he is finding opportunities to help startups. I hope you enjoy.


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This is the 8th episode in a series I will be conducting for my blog “The Financial Incline.” In these interviews I will be joined by business owners and athletes as they share advice on how they have been able to win with their money. Hit the subscribe button to watch these videos as they get posted.

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