The Financial Incline: Rocky Boiman – Rocky’s Rules

Rocky Boiman Thumbnail
On the 6th episode of the Financial Incline John Bovard sits down with 8 year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion, color commentator at ESPN and radio host for 700WLW, Rocky Boiman. John and Rocky discuss the early lessons he learned growing up that helped him during his NFL career. They discuss the adversity he faced in the NFL and how he prepared for dealing with uncertainty. Lastly, they discuss Rocky’s new book Rocky’s Rules which describe a set of standards that Rocky lives by that have led to his success. Podcast: For more information concerning wealth advisory and financial planning contact: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram:… This is the sixth episode in a series I will be conducting for my blog “The Financial Incline.” In these interviews I will be joined by business owners and athletes as they share advice on how they have been able to win with their money. Hit the subscribe button to watch these videos as they get posted. Questions on your financial plan or investments?  Click Here