The Financial Incline: Alex Allison – The Future of Living

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I’m thrilled to bring to you my interview with Alex Allison. Alex has been an entrepreneur for his entire working career. We discuss what has led to his success and the exciting work he is doing currently at D. Alexander.

Listen to John Bovard and Alex Allison as they discuss Alex’s background and all things starting and growing a business. They will cover, the journey of a startup, parallels between entrepreneurship and sports, the acquisition of Dotloop by Zillow and how his new company, D. Alexander is changing the real estate world.

“We [ people ] have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to chase whatever we want to chase in life… I was chasing humanity 10 years from now, when first thinking about what we’re now creating at D. Alexander. That’s more true today than ever before, we’re chasing what we call The Future Of Living” we’re building a new world for live, play, and work.

– Alex Allison, Founder, D. Alexander

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This is the third episode in a series I will be conducting for my blog “The Financial Incline.” In these interviews I will be joined by business owners and athletes as they share advice on how they have been able to win with their money. Hit the subscribe button to watch these videos as they get posted.

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