The Financial Incline: Eric Wood

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The first episode of the Financial Incline podcast

In the first episode of The Financial Incline I am thrilled to be joined by Eric Wood.

In this interview we discuss some of Eric’s earliest memories of money and what is was like when he received his first NFL contract. He shares advice to current NFL rookies and how he managed to budget his money through his career. Eric touches on when he realized he was financially free and a trip to Cabo with other NFL stars that helped to shift his way of thinking. Eric shares insight on life now that he has transitioned away from football and some investments he has made. Lastly, Eric gives an update on his philanthropic efforts and have a discussion around faith.

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This is the first episode in a series I will be conducting for my blog “The Financial Incline.” In these interviews I will be joined by business owners and athletes as they share advice on how they have been able to win with their money. Hit the subscribe button to watch these videos as they get posted.


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